Lozano got the first goal of the game / FCB ARCHIVE

FC Barcelona were finely poised to get off to a winning start in their quarter final series with Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarra, but the Navarrans bounced back to claim the opening match. Barça took just six minutes to get things going thanks to Sergio Lozano, while Lin had extended that lead to 2-0 by the interval.

Out they came for the second half and Ferrao made it three, but former Barça man Roger Serrano immediately pulled one back at the other end and then added another before a fellow ex-Barça man in Joselito completed an unexpected comeback to get the sides back all square. Then with just two minutes left on the clock, and exquisite goal from Palmas made it 4-3 to the home side. Play now switches to the Palau Blaygrana to decide which of these two sides will be going on to compete in the semi-finals.


Ribera Navarra: Molina, David, Hamza, Roger, Joselito –starting five–, Luisma, Orzáez, Jesús, Palmas, Rubi.

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Ari Santos, Dyego, Bateria, Ferrao –starting five–, Lin, Lozano, Aicardo, Wilde, Saad, Gabriel.

Goals: 0-1 Lozano (min 6), 0-2 Lin (min 13), 0-3 Ferrao (min 22), 1-3 Roger (min 24), 2-3 Roger (min 29), 3-3 Joselito (min 33), 4-3 (min 38)

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