Derrota dels blaugranes davant el Peñíscola

Barça lost to Peñíscola / PHOTO: VICENT FERRER I JULIÀ

Derrota de los azulgranas contra el Peñíscola

Barça lost to Peñíscola / PHOTO: VICENT FERRER I JULIÀ

An excellent second half performance from Peñíscola, coupled with the fortune of Barça scoring two own goals, won the three points for the home side.

Following plenty of chances at either end, Peñíscola eventually went ahead when Lozano turned a Galán shot into his own net. Barça reacted immediately, with Bateria equalising from long range and Ferrao adding a second from a similar distance. 2-1 up at half-time, Barça looked in control

But the home side came out strong after the break, and with the unfortunate assistance of another Barça player, this time Lin, they soon drew level and minutes later Fran Conde fired them into the lead. Barça pressed forward for the rest of the game, and Marc Carmona even opted to send on a fifth out-court player in the frantic charge to grab a late equaliser, but to no avail and the game ended 3-2 to Peñíscola.




Peñíscola: Iván, Maza, Solano, Yeray y Míchel, -starting five-, Carlos Anós, Juan Carlos, Javi Alonso, Fran Conde & Gonzalo.

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Wilde, Aicardo, Lozano, Batería, -starting five-, Saad, Gabriel, Ferrao, Lin, Rafa Usín & Dyego.

Goals: 1-0 Lozano p.p. (min. 10), 1-1 Bateria (min. 12), 1-2 Ferrao (min. 19), 2-2 Lin p.p. (min. 24) i 3-2 Fran Conde (min. 27)

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