Ferrao and Aicardo featured in an impressive away win / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Barça started the 2014/15 futsal season with a 6-2 win away to Levante. Sergio Lozano opened the scoring after just three minutes and Rafa Usín made it 2-0 just two minutes later. Stunned by the two early goals, Levante finally started getting back into it, but their hopes faded when Ferrao made it 3-0 after 13 minutes. The floodgates opened. Wilde after 16 and Lozano after 17 made it 5-0 before Levante finally opened their own account with a double penalty.

There wasn’t much hope for Levante, but they got a second though Revert early in the second half and some fine saves from Sedano prevented the home side from reducing the gap even more. With five minutes to go, Aicardo scored the final goal of the game to make it 6-2 and Barça could celebrate a fine start to their league campaign.

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Levante UD, 2
FC Barcelona, 6

Llevant: Yeray, Lolo Jarque, Kiko, Sena, Jordi Lledó –starting five–, Borja Milán, Márquez, José Revert, Pedro, Álex Oviaño, Juan Puertas, Carlitos, Toni.

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Aicardo, Bateria, Lozano, Wilde –starting five–, Gabriel, Dyego, Saad, Rafa Usín, Ferrao.

Goals: 0-1, Lozano (min 3); 0-2, Usín (min 5); 0-3, Ferrao (min 13); 0-4, Wilde (min 16); 0-5, Lozano (min 17); 1-5, Lledó (min 18); 2-5, Rivert (min 27); 2-6, Aicardo (min 35)

Referees: Fortes Pardo & Martínez Flores.

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