Barça fans in the pavillion / PHOTO: BUNG ANDRIE

Paco Sedano signing autographs / PHOTO: BUNG ANDRIE

Marc Carmona’s squad trained twice on Thursday in the Tennis Indoor Stadium, the venue for the futsal team’s games in Indonesia. But the evening session was the most special, for it was open for fans in the Indonesian capital to come along and enjoy.

Lucky fans

Some fifty supporters sat in the stands to watch as the players prepared for Friday’s game with Malaysian outfit Felda FC. And the fans celebrated each goal, even though it was only in a practice match, as if it had been scored in the UEFA Futsal Cup Final. The Barça anthem was sung over and over in an atmosphere that was beyond anything that the players had expected to encounter.

Photos and autographs

Once the session was over, the fans were allowed down to the court to speak to the players, get their autographs, take photos, and even enjoy an impromptu kickaround. It truly was a remarkable day in Jakarta for the futsal stars.

Let the game commence

The team’s tour begins on Friday with a game against Felda FC of Malaysia, which kicks off at 6.30 PM local time (five hours ahead of CET). But before that they have another training session and a visit to BOLA, the biggest sports paper in Indonesia.

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