Ferrao's goal was something to celebrate / PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona, 5
Montesinos Jumilla, 1

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Gabriel Dias, Saad, Lozano, Wilde - starting five - Ari, Dyego, Ferrao, Aicardo, Usín, Lin.

Montesinos Jumilla: Chico, Boyis, Pizarro, Alamiro, Ribeiro - starting five- Rober, Negro, Josiko, Constantino.

Goals: 1-0, Wilde, min.1; 2-0, Ferrao, min.7; 3-0, Ferrao, min.14; 4-0, Aicardo, min.29; 4-1, Ique, min.30; 5-1, Lin, min.33.

Barça’s futsal team beat Montesinos Jumilla to go top of the LNFS and maintain their unbeaten record at the Palau Blaugrana.

Wilde scored off a corner in the very first instants, and the hero of the first half, Ferrao, then converted a long ball from Sedano to make it two. Seven minutes later, it was also the Brazilian who upped the difference to 3-0.

Jumilla were livelier after the break, but nevertheless it was Aicardo who extended Barça’s lead by latching onto a loose ball. A handball by Ari led to Jumilla getting their only goal from the penalty spot, but Barça immediately bit back when Lin sent home a corner to set up the definitive 5-1 – the only player in the squad who had yet to score this season.

FUTSAL: FC Barcelona - Montesinos Jumilla (5-1... por fcbarcelona
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