Lozano and Lin celebrate the first goal on Thursday / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Aicardo, Lozano, Lin & Wilde –starting five-, Bateria, Dyego, Ari, Saad, Ferrao, Gabriel & Rafa Usín.

Aspil-Vidal Ribera Navarra: Molina, Hamza, Joselito, Roger Serrano & David  –starting five-, Rubi, Palmas, Luisma & R.Orzáez

Goals: 1-0, Lin (min 11), 2-0, Lin (min 12), 3-0, Wilde (min 20), 3-1, Joselito (min 23), 3-2, Roger (min 26), 4-2, Bateria (min 31), 5-2, Dyego (min 35), 6-2, Gabriel (min 37), 7-2, Lin (min 38)

After losing the first of the best-of-three quarter final series against Aspil Vidal Ribera, Barça made good of home advantage at the Palau Blaugrana on Thursday night to tie the series, which will now be decided in game three at the same venue on Saturday at 1.00pm CET.

Barça went straight out strong and Lin had soon scored two fine goals to put them into a commanding position early on. The Navarrans responded well, but after a long period of pressure from the visiting side, Barça extended their lead through Wilde with just one second left on the first half clock.

Barça had gone three up in the first leg as well, and ended up losing. And things suddenly started looking ominous when Joselito pulled one back to make it 3-1 and then with Ferrao red-carded, Roger made the most of the power-play to get his side back to within one.

But the team and the Palau were united and FCB managed to regain their composure as first Bateria and then Dyego grabbed goals to make it 5-2 and put the game out of sight of the plucky Navarran outfit.

FCB Futsal: FC Barcelona - Ribera Navarra, 7-2... por fcbarcelona
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