Bateria and Wilde went wild versus Jaén. / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

FC Barcelona, 4
Jaén Paraíso Interior, 0

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Ari, Saad, Bateria, Ferrao (starting five), Lin, Dyego, Gabriel, Wilde, Aicardo, Rafa Usín

Jaén Paraíso Interior: Prieto, Carlinhos, José López, Chino, Solano (starting five), Fabián, Borja Blanco, Dani Martín, Eloy Rojas, Emilio Buendía, Campoy, Gonzalo

Goals: 1-0, Batería (min 4); 2-0, Wilde (min 15); 3-0, Wilde (min 18); 4-0, Batería (min 21)

Referees: Carpintero and Miguel

FC Barcelona beat Jaén Paraíso Interior 4-0 at the Palau Blaugrana in a rematch of the disappointing loss in the Spanish Cup final held 12 days. On Friday, however, the story was quite different. Two goals each from Batería and Wilde allowed the team to briefly forget about the absence of Sergio Lozano and keep FC Barcelona at the top of the standings for another week.

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