Barça beat Peníscola 5-2 on Saturday at the Palau Blaugrana / PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona, 5
Peníscola, 2

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Aicardo, Dyego, Lin and Ferrao –starting five–, Gabriel, Ferran, Lozano, Wilde and Rafa Usín.

Peñíscola: Chema, Yeray, Pol Pacheco, Javi Alonso and Juanqui –starting five–, Fran Conde, Ureña, Míchel and Gonzalo.

Goals: 1-0, Aicardo (9'); 2-0, Dyego (9'); 2-1, Pol Pacheco (10'); 3-1, Ferrao (21'); 4-1, Rafa Usín (28'); 5-1, Wilde (35'), 5-2, Juan Carlos, pen. (38').

FC Barcelona played superbly against Peníscola, winning 5-2 to stay leaders. They are currently followed in the standings by ElPozo Murcia and Inter Movistar. Marc Carmona's squad got their ninth straight victory at the Palau Blaugrana against a rival that had beaten them 3-2 when they met earlier this season.

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