A disappointed Batería / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

A Cup competition that has sprung many a surprise unleashed its last in the final between Barça and Jaén. The blaugranes’ opponents, who had already knocked out ElPozo and Burela, claimed the trophy with a 6-4 win over Marc Carmona’s side.

A goal after just 48 seconds allowed the Andalusians to take the lead, Solano the scorer. Barça found it tough to get into the game and when they did they came up against an inspired Prieto in goal for Jaén. Chino made it 2-0 on 15 minutes but a goal from Ferrao gave Barça a lifeline just before the break.

The second half followed the same script as the first half: Barça insistent and Jaén dangerous on the counter. Buendía extended the lead to 3-1 for the Andalusia outfit but goal from player-keeper Saad to make it 3-2 gave the blaugranes encouragement. However, losing the ball cheaply led to a couple of quick goals from Jaén to make it 5-2. They added another before two late strikes from Wilde made the scoreline a little more respectable at full time.

FCB 4-6 Jaen (Final de Copa LNFS 2014/15) por fcbarcelona



FC Barcelona: Sedano, Aicardo, Lin, Lozano, Wilde –starting five-, Ari, Gabriel, Dyego, Batería, Usín and Ferrao.

Jaén Paraíso Interior: Prieto, Carlinhos, López, Cuco, Solano –starting five-, Fabián, Rojas, Blanco, Buendía, Campoy and Chino.

Goals: 0-1 Solano (min 1), 0-2 Chino (min 15), 1-2 Ferrao (min 19), 1-3 Buendía (min 28), 2-3 Saad (min 32), 2-4 López (min 34), 2-5 Chino (min 36), 2-6 Cuco (min 37), 3-6 Wilde (min 39), Wilde (min 39).

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