Disappointment at the end of the game / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

FC Barcelona, 3 - Inter Movistar, 5

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Gabriel, Lin, Lozano, Wilde (starting five), Ari, Dyego, Batería, Saad, Ferrao, Rafa Usín

Inter Movistar: Herrero, Lolo, Rafael, Ricardinho, Cardinal (starting five), Ortiz, Álex, Daniel, Pola, Rivillos

Goals: 0-1, Pola (min 6); 1-1, Wilde (min 7); 1-2, Cardinal (min 11); 1-3, Daniel (min 26); 1-4, Ricardinho (min 27); 2-4, Bateria (min 29); 3-4, Rafa Usín (min 32); 3-5, Lolo (min 38)

The Spanish Cup had always been FC Barcelona's competition - the first four seasons of the competition saw the blaugranes lift the trophy on each occasion. On Tuesday that run came to an end with a defeat at the semi final stage against Inter Movistar.

Barça's opponents had won the first leg at home 4-2 and on Tuesday they backed up that win in the first leg with a 5-3 victory at the Palau Blaugrana. The visitors took the lead the lead twice in the first half with goals from Pola and Cardinal, either side of the equaliser from Wilde.

It ended at the break with the visitors 6-3 up on aggregate, leaving the blaugranes a mountain to climb in the second half. Barça were always playing catch up and when Inter went 1-4 up early on after the break, it was almost a lost cause. The visitors relaxed in the final minutes and the blaugranes cut the deficit but it was never going to be enough to avoid their first defeat in a Spanish Cup for over five years.

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