Wilde scored twice on Saturday. / FCB ARCHIVE

FC Barcelona secured second place in the regular season of the league after beating Montesinos Jumilla by a score of 7–5 combined with El Pozo Murcia's draw at Marfil Santa Coloma on Friday. Thus, Barça will have home-court advantage in the quarter-final — and a possible semi-finalof the league playoffs. If they reach the final, only Inter Movistar, which won the regular season, would keep Barça from playing at the Palau Blaugrana.

Match statistics


Montesinos Jumilla: Chico, Boyis, Pichi, Corvo, Rubén Zamora –starting five–, Rober, Negro, Aarón, Josiko, Alamiro. 

FC Barcelona: Cristian, Aicardo, Lin, Batería, Ferrao –starting five–, Ari, Gabriel, Wilde, Rafa Usín.

Goals: 0-1 Wilde (min 7); 0-2 Wilde (min 15); 1-2 Josiko (min 16); 1-3 Gabriel (min 17); 2-3 Corvo (min 31); 3-3 Alamiro (min 32); 4-3 Pichi (min 34); 4-4 Lin (min 36); 4-5 Rafa Usín (min 37); 5-5 Rober (min 38); 5-6 Rafa Usín (min 40); 5-7 Gabriel (min 40).

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