Barça defeat Zaragoza / FOTO: ARCHIVE FCB

FC Barcelona are very close to qualifying for the final of the Copa del Rey. This Monday, in the first leg of the semi-final, Barça dismantled Umancon Zaragoza by 2 to 6 and thus secured a nearly identical result against the Zaragoza-based side four days ago in the league (7-2).

Barça were superior from beginning to end, and they only struggled when the home team fought back from the initial two-goal deficit. After Umancon equalised, Barça surged for our unanswered goals. The final 2-6 result give the Blaugrana an extremely important advantage going into the second leg of the semi-final.


Umacon Zaragoza, 2
FC Barcelona Alusport, 6

Umacon Zaragoza: Abel, Retamar, Víctor Tejel, Keny, Richi Felipe -starting five-, Luchi, Edu Duarto, Carlos García

FC Barcelona Alusport: Sedano, Aicardo, Lozano, Lin, Wilde -starting five-, Torras, Saad, Dyego, Fernandao

Goals: 0-1, Wilde (min 2); 0-2, Igor (min 14); 1-2, Víctor Tejel (min 20); 2-2, Richi Felipe (min 22); 2-3, Lozano (min 26); 2-4, Dyego (min 29); 2-5, Saad (min 31); 2-6, Lin (min 37)

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