Barça Alusport celebrate a goal

Barça Alusport celebrate a goal / PHOTO: Ivana Hošková

FC Barcelona Alusport scored ten goals this Thursday. The men managed by Marc Carmona were lethal in front of goal against Targu Mures as they cruised to their second victory in the qualifying round of the UEFA Elite Round, the round preceding the Final Four. On Saturday (17.00) against Era Pack Chrudim, Barça will look to tie up the top spot of Group A and earn a ticket to the final round of the competition.

The match played away in Pardubice, Barça Alusport showed its dominance from the first minute. Igor, in the first minute, scored the first goal of the match. Wilde, on two occasions, Aicardo and Fernandao all netted before the break.

Youngsters get their chance

In the second half the Romanians were unable to stop the flood of Barça goals. Lin found the back of the net, as did Wilde on two more occasions, and Aicardo and Farnandao also scored.

Carmona decided to give some of his youngsters some time on the court. Chema Mella, Fran Conde and Adrián Ortego were all sent in. The home team pulled a goal back with two minutes left on the clock.


Targu Mures, 1
FCB Alusport, 10

Targa Mures: Pallai, Ignat, Al-loani, Stoica, Gherman –starting five–, V. Moldovan, Daniel, Covaci, T. Moldovan, Muntean, F. Csoma, Nicusan and Olteanu.

FCB Alusport: Cristian, Aicardo, Gabriel, Igor i Wilde –starting five–, Ari, Saad, Torras and Lin, Conde, Ortego i Mella.

Goals: 0-1, Igor (min 1); 0-2, Wilde (min 3); 2-1, Aicardo (min 17); 0-3, Wilde (min 7); 0-4, Fernandao (min 11); 0-5, Lin (min 26); 0-6, Wilde (min 29, de penal); 0-7, Igor (min 30); 0-8, Aicardo (min 31); 0-9, Fernandao (min 33); 0-10, Wilde (min 36); 1-10, Covaci (min 38).

Referees: Timo Onatus and Eduardo Fernandes.

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