There’s no better way to return to competitive play after an international tournament than by winning. Carmona’s men, despite missing Lin and Torras, were very superior to Peñíscola. Barça’s performance throughout the match was characterised by incisive attacking play as Wilde (2), Lozano (2), Aicardo and Fernandao all got on the board for the Blaugrana.


Peníscola, 0
FCB Alusport, 6

Peníscola (0+0): Gus, Michel, Buitre, Carlos Anós –starting five–, Uge, Asensio, Diego Blanco, Gonzalo and Juanqui.

FCB Alusport (2+4):  Sedano Ari, Saad, Fernandao, Lozano –starting five–, Aicardo, Ortego, Gabriel, Dyego and Wilde.

Goals: 0-1, Wilde, min 7; 0-2, Lozano, min 11; 0-3, Aicardo, min 23; 0-4, Fernadao, min 27; 0-5, Wilde, min 31; 0-6, Lozano, min 32.

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