Wilde was one of the top players tonight. PHOTO: Montesinos Jumilla

FC Barcelona’s futsal team have started the league play-offs with a win against the side from Murcia

Next Saturday at the Palau they can seal a sport on the semi-finals

Barça’s national league play-off quarter final first leg at Jumilla was never going to be an easy game, and this topsy-turvy encounter went right down to the wire even though at one point it had looked safely in Barça’s hands.

Jumilla drew first blood with a goal from Suazo on 17 minutes, and they held onto their lead until the break But Barça came out with new verve after the restart, and Fernandao made it 1-1 in the 25th with a powerfully struck drive.

The goal inspired the visitors, and two more in a minute suddenly put them well in command, with Rober scoring an own goal and Lozano scoring Barça’s third from outside the area.

Late shock

Lin then made it 4-1 to Barça with a scorcher of a goal, but just when it looked like the game was over, Jumilla bounced back with two goals in as many minutes. With three minutes to go, Barça’s three-goal lead had been cut to one.

The home crowd was in full voice as they urged their side to draw level, but it was all in vain. Saad scored to make it 5-3. Despite that late shock, the win was in the bag and Barça can now secure the series at the Palau next weekend.


Montesinos Jumilla, 3
FCB Alusport, 5

Montesinos: Chico, Cristian, Lolo Suazo, Chino, Ique -cinc inicial-; Rober, Josiko, Pichi, Pizarro, Zamora.

Barça: Cristian, Aicardo, Lin, Saad, Fernandao -cinc inicial-; Torras, Dyego, Lozano, Wilde, Igor.

Goals: 1-0 Suazo (15’), 1-1 Fernandao (25’), 1-2 Rober en p.p (27’), 1-3 Lozano (27’), 1-4 Lin (34’), 2-4 Chino (36’), 3-4 Pizarro (37’), 3-5 Saad (38’)


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