Fernandao celebrates the second goal

Fernandao celebrates the second goal. PHOTO: V. SALGADO - FCB

Barça Alusport claimed their third straight win in the league in a week where they also won massively, 9-1, in the cup.

Fourteen seconds

It took just a quarter of a minute for Jordi Torras to open the scoring. With such an early bonus, Barça threw everything at the islanders, and following some fine saves from Paco Sedano, a goal from Fernandao made it 2-0.

But that wasn’t enough for the goal-hungry home side, and Gabriel soon made it three, a goal that knocked the wind out of a Manacor side that clearly knew that the game was already lost. Aicardo made doubly sure of that with three minutes of the half remaining, and the players went in for the break with FCB in a healthy 4-0 lead.

Game over

With the result now beyond doubt, Barça Alusport slowed things down in the second half, but still managed to find the net again thanks to a powerful drive by Jordi Torras. The visitors desperately opted to play a rush-goalie system and at least make the scoreline a little more respectable, but the chances were still all going Barça’s way. Ari Santos grabbed their sixth goal with three minutes remaining. Barça thus completed a three-match winning streak, which they’ll be hoping to extend to five by the time of the UEFA Futsal Cup. The next two fixtures will be against Magna Navarra and Umacon Zaragoza.


Barça Alusport, 6
Hospital Llevant Manacor, 0

FCB Alusport: Paco Sedano, Ari Santos, Gabriel, Jordi Torras, Wilde -starting five-, Fernandao, Saad, Plana, , Aicardo, Lin, Cristian, Igor.

Manacor: Barrón, Vadillo, Joselito, Chicho, Vega -starting five-, Pope, Manu, Taffy, Medina, Lemine, Toni Terrón, Pablo.

Goals: 1-0, Jordi Torras (min 1); 2-0, Fernandao (min 8); 3-0, Gabriel (min 11); 4-0, Aicardo (min 17); 5-0, Jordi Torras (min 24); 6-0, Ari Santos (min 36).

Referees: Óscar Alonso Montesinos & Tomás Santander Flamarique

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