Igor celebrates with Lozano.

Igor celebrates with Lozano. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

Barça Alusport defeated Inter Movistar (5-3) in an important match that allows the Blaugrana to keep the top spot of the table within their sights. Three hard-earned points were secured after what was quite possibly the best display from the Blaugrana so far this season. At the break it was 1-2, but Barça surged back in the second half to take the win.

They deserved more

The first 20 minutes saw a very convincing display from the Blaugrana. Barça looked like the team that had won three consecutive league crowns, the best team in Spanish futsal history. But Velasco’s men, who were undefeated before tonight’s match, were up to the task. Saad scored the opener on seven minutes, but Ortiz fired back only three minutes later and Bateria then made it 1-2. The result at the break didn’t do justice to either team.

Barça dig deep

In the second half Barça equalised thanks to an individual play from Aicardo on 31 minutes. But, just like in the first half, Inter Movistar drew level quickly thanks to a strike from Rivillos (3-3).

Barça fired back and scored two goals in one minute to kill off the match, first Saad netted his second of the night and then Wilde scored the definitive 5-3.


FCB, 5
Inter, 3

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Ari Santos, Gabriel, Lin and Wilde –starting five- Aicardo, Saad, Fernandao, Lozano, Torras.

Inter: Herrero, Ortíz, Rafael, Bateria and Ricardinho –starting five-; Tobe, Borja, Modrego, Rivillos, Orzaez, Pola.

Goals: 1-0 Saad (7’), 1-1 Ortiz (10’), 1-2 Bateria (18’), 2-2 Igor (24’), 3-2 Aicardo (31), 3-3 Rivillos (33’), 4-3 Saad (36’), 5-3 Wilde (36’).

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