Ari takes on Miguelín earlier in the season. PHOTO: Archive

FC Barcelona Alusport lost 2-1 away to ElPozo in Murcia on Saturday despite having enough chances of their own to steal a win.  The home side overcame Wilde’s opening goal with a powerful second half performance and sharp finishing.  Despite having the best of the opening twenty minutes, Barça failed to turn pressure into goals and came away from the Palacio de los Deportes empty handed.

Wasted chances

There was plenty action at both ends in the first twenty minutes and both goalkeepers – Rafa for the home team and Paco Sedano for Barça - were soon tested.  Gabriel, Fernandao, Wilde, Lozano and Lin all had their chances, as did Raúl Campos and Bebe, but incredibly the scoreboard showed 0-0 at the end of an exciting first half.

The goals arrive

Both teams continued to create danger after the break and in the 25th minute Wilde went past Bebe to put Barça ahead with a powerful low shot after a fantastic pass from Gabriel.  Just fifteen seconds later, Álex seized on Sedano’s block of an Adri shot to make it 1-1.  Urged on by the local fans, ElPozo piled on the pressure in the final ten minutes.

ElPozo takes the lead

Although the home team had most of the action, it took a piece of individual brilliance from Miguelín to break the deadlock.  He went past the entire Barça defence and then handed team-mate Franklin ElPozo’s second goal of the match on a silver plate (2-1).  ElPozo kept up the pressure and only a fine save by Sedano prevented Bebe from widening ElPozo’s lead.

Marc Carmona brought on Saad for the last few minutes in a desperate attempt to grab an equaliser, but the chances failed to materialise.  The defeat leaves Barça three points away from second place with six games left to play in the regular season.


ElPozo Murcia, 2
FC Barcelona Alusport, 1

ElPozo: Rafa, Bebe, Raúl Campos, Alex, Miguelín –starting five- Franklin, Kike, Adri, Juanpi, Eka.

Barça: Sedano, Ari Santos, Gabriel, Lozano and Fernandao –starting five- Wilde, Aicardo, Saad, Lin.

Goals: 0-1 Wilde (25), 1-1 Álex (25), 2-1 Franklin (30).

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