Lozano davant Miguelín.

Lozano davant Miguelín. FOTO: ELPOZO.

After winning three consecutive league titles, Barça Alusport said goodbye to the chance of winning the league crown this season. The third and final match of the semifinal series against ElPozo Murcia was certainly thrilling, but in the end unsuccessful for the blaugrana. A great goal from the home team would decide the game. It’s a severe punishment to Barça’s overall consistency.

The tension was high and there were a lot of nerves on the court when the starting whistle sounded. It was all or nothing for the two teams, and after a Murcia win from the previous match, things were do-or-die fro everyone involved. Barça came out swinging and pinned ElPozo back. The keeper Rafa saved Lozano’s shot on 5 minutes and Saad’s four minutes later. Sedano was also on form when he saved a shot on 12 minutes.

The home team suffered the setback of losing Grello to injury. Chances were hard to come by and no one wanted to risk leaving themselves exposed to a possible counterattack. Lozano could have scored in the final second of the first half but Rafa was there again to deny the blaugrana.

In the second half, Sedano saved another shot from ElPozo and sent the ball to a corner kick. He could do nothing in the following play when the home team took the lead thanks to an unstoppable shot. In the critical moments of the game, Carmona urged his men to stay calm. Lin hit the woodwork and Dyego did as well.

With five minutes left, Carmona sent out a keeper player. It was heart-stopping and incredibly intense. ElPozo, urged on by their home fans, defended well and absorbed pressure. Barça, in the end, were unable to break down Murcia’s defensive wall.



ElPozo: Rafa, Kike, Miguelín, Campos, Álex –cinc inicial-, José Ruiz, Bebe, Grello, Juampi, Adri, Franklin i Eka.

FC Barcelona Alusport: Sedano, Dyego, Lin, Igor, Fernandao –cinc inicial-, Aicardo, Torras, Lozano, Saad i Wilde.

Gols: 1-0 Campos (min 22).

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