Sedano and Ari in action

Sedano and Ari / PHOTO: A Caixa Escura Producións

Another draw for Barça Alusport. When the team was just seconds away from claiming vicotry, Marc Carmona’s men watched as two points slipped from their grasp. The Catalans came into the final minute of the match with a 1-2 on the scoreboard but the home team, thanks to a strike from Christian, scored with just 10 seconds on the clock. Without a doubt, Barça are not going through their best form as this is the fourth draw from their last seven matches in the competition.


Burela, 2
FCB Alusport, 2

Burela: Álex, Mimi, Iago Míguez, Juanma, Antoñito -starting five-; Christian, Burrito, Matamoros, Isi.

Barça Alusport: Paco Sedano, Ari Santos, Saad, Lozano, Fernandao –starting five-; Aicardo, Torras, Lin, Gabriel, Wilde.

Goals: 0-1 Ari Santos (13’), 1-1 Iago Míguez (23’), 1-2 Ari Santos (31’), 2-2 Christian (40’)


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