Wilde and Gabriel celebrate the first goal in the match

Wilde and Gabriel celebrte the first goal in the match / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Barça Alusport have done it again. After winning their last five games, Marc Carmona’s side have become the first team to beat the LNFS leaders ElPozo Murcia this season. The game was won with second half goals from Wilde and Ari, while a last minute strike from Miguelín was nothing more than consolation for the visitors.

But the downside of the evening was the knee injury suffered by Sergio Lozano when Barça Alusport were winning 1-0. The three points may be a huge bonus, but the loss of such an important player certainly is not.

Goal and disaster

Marc Carmona’s side dominated the first half, yet it was ElPozo Murcia who on two isolated occasions came closest to scoring, but both efforts struck the post and the first half ended without score. Barça Alusport were far more decisive after the break, and it took just a matter of minutes for Wilde to make it 1-0 with a right footed strike from the edge of the area. But the celebrations were cut short when Sergio Lozano fell while making an individual run and suffered what looks like a serious injury to his right knee. He was in tears as he was stretchered off, and this could be a serious setback for the immediate future of Barça Alusport.

Three points

With ElPozo Murcia playing a rush goalies in the last five minutes in the hope of salvaging something from the game, Barça Alusport pouched on the chance to extend their lead, with Gabriel supplying the ball for Ari to score from in his own half. Miguelín’s goal with less than a minute on the clock did add some excitement to the final seconds, but Barça held on for an important win.


Barça Alusport, 2
ElPozo Múrcia, 1

Barça Alusport: Sedano, Lozano, Ari, Wilde, Gabriel (cinc inicial), Fernandao, Saad, Aicardo, Igor, Torras

ElPozo Múrcia: Rafa, Miguelín, Álex, Raúl Campos, Bebe (cinc inicial), Franklin, Grello, Lolo Suazo, José Ruiz, Fabio

Goals: 1-0, Wilde (min 23); 2-0, Ari (min 37); 2-1, Miguelín (min 39)

Referees: Roberto Gracia Martín i Carlos Múnez Carpintero

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