Wilde, Ari and Gabriel, World Cup champions with Brazil / PHOTO: www.fifa.com

Nine FC Barcelona Alusport players featured in the World Cup Final this Sunday, but only a few of them came away with the coveted trophy. The extremely even championship match between Brazil and Spain was decided in overtime, and at its conclusion FC Barcelona Alusport’s Wilde, Ari and Gabriel were crowned World Champions. Spain were handed their first defeat in seven years as Brazil scored the match winner in the dying minutes of the match (2-3). Therefore, Fernandao, Aicardo, Torras, Lozano, Lin and Cristian were made to settle for second place.


Spain, 2
Brazil, 3

Spain: Juanjo, Aicardo, Fernandao, Kike, Alemao -starting five- Cristian, Ortiz, Torras, Álvaro, Miguelín, Lozano, Borja, Lin and Rafa.

Brazil: Tiago, Gabriel, Simi, Fernandinho, Neto -starting five- Guita, Frankling, Ari, Rafael, Vinicius, Je, Falcao, Wilde and Rodrigo.

Goals: 0-1, Neto, min 24; 1-1, Torras, min 29; 2-1, Aicardo, min 30; 2-2, Falcao, min 36, and 2-3, Neto, min 49.

Referees: Héctor Rojas (PER), Marc Birkett (ENG) and Sergio Cabrera (CUB).

Saad wins bronze

Barça Alusport’s Saad Assis claimed third place in the World Cup for Italy. The Italians beat Colombia by 3 to 0 in the third and fourth place match. Therefore, all 10 Barça Alusport players finished in the top three positions of the tournament. The players are set to return to Marc Carmona’s orders on Thursday.

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