Barça Alusport won their first LNFS quarter final playoff match against Ríos Renovables Ribera Navarra. The men led by Marc Carmona started off strong and took a 0-2 lead, but the home team equalised in the second half and forced overtime. Barça Alusport were victorious after the penalty shootout, which means the Blaugrana have a one-game lead over Ríos Renovables Ribera Navarra in the best-of-three playoff. The return game will be played at the Palau Blaugrana.


Ríos Renovables, 3
FCB Alusport, 3

Ribera Navarra: Molina, Lolo, Andresito, Rubi and Charlie -starting five- David, Palmas, Luisma, Nano Modrego, Carlos Anós.

Barça Alusport: Sedano, Torras, Lozano, Igor and Wilde -starting five- Lin, Fernandao, Ari Santos, Aicardo, Gabriel.

Goals: 0-1 Wilde (3'), 0-2 Fernandao (15'), 1-2 Rubi (17'), 2-2 Ari (p.p, 35'), 2-3 Lozano (37'), 3-3 Andresito (38').

Penalties: Wilde (goal), Modrego (goal), Lozano (goal), David (goal), Lin (goal), Lolo (goal), Ari Santos (goal), Andresito (miss), Torras (goal).

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