Barça Alusport secured their 21st victory in the league, against Marfil Santa Coloma by 2 to 4. The match, which was rescheduled due to Barça’s participation in the UEFA Futsal Cup, was decided when Marfil Santa Coloma were forced to use a keeper-player; the tactic left them too exposed at the back. Wilde, who scored two goals in three minutes, sealed the win for the Blaugrana.


Marfil Santa Coloma, 2
Barça Alusport, 4

Marfil Santa Coloma: Chico, Rubén, Adolfo, Salgado and Sepe –starting five- Gava, Segura, Rafa López, Jhow

Barça Alusport: Sedano, Aicardo, Lozano, Igor and Wilde –starting five- Fernandao, Nakata, Torras, Lin i Tolrà

Goals: 1-0 Adolfo (16’), 1-1 Lozano (18’), 1-2 Fernandao (23’), 2-2 Salgado (34’, pen), 2-3 Wilde (37’), 2-4 Wilde (39’)

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