Carmona at the Palau / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB


Marc Carmona and Jordi Torras talked to the press before the team’s last training session at the Palau ahead of tomorrow’s trip to La Coruña. The manager is clear that while his side is readying for the start of the Liga, “no team prepares to be on form for the Super Cup,” while the captain hopes to lift his first Super Cup title this weekend.

The Super Cup, a title Barça have yet to win

The Spanish Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup are the only two titles that aren’t in the FC Barcelona Museum. Last season the team came very close to claiming the Super Cup, and Carmona noted that his team “are able to play at a high level,” despite not being 100% ready: “every tournament is different. This is the first LNFS competition and no team prepares for the upcoming season with the hopes of being on form for this competition. I know that we’re capable of playing at a good level but we won’t be 100% ready.”

The Azulgrana captain recognised that Barça Alusport’s goal is to “win the most amount of titles possible. We’re going to Coruña with a lot of motivation to win a title that we haven’t won yet.” In addition, when asked about which team is favoured to win the trophy, Torras said: “I hope we are, I hope I can lift my first title as the Barça captain.”

ElPozo and Aicardo

ElPozo Murcia, runner up in the Liga and the Copa del Rey, are Barça’s semi-final rival. Despite the changes to ElPozo this season, Carmona is very clear that the Murcianos will continue to adhere to Duda’s philosophy of play: “ElPozo’s greatest leader is their manager. It’s true that they’ve brought in some new players but their philosophy will be the same.”

On Aicardo, the Azulgrana manager believes that the new player is adapting well to his new team, but that his 12-day stint with the Spanish national side hasn’t helped with his transition: “Aicardo is a bit green, but he’s improving little by little. The truth is that those 12 days that he was away with the national team didn’t help with his transition, but we all know him and we’re hopeful that the situation will improve.”

The new Palau

The Palau renovation project was also talked about by the manager and the captain. Both Marc Carmona and Jordi Torras praised the new features of the arena. The manager said that “the work conditions at the Palau have improved tremendously. The court is in excellent condition.” The captain said that he’s “very pleased with the new dressing room and with the court.”

Gabriel to miss the match

Carmona won’t be able to call on Gabriel for this Saturday’s Super Cup clash with ElPozo. The player is recovering from a muscle injury that also kept him from playing in the Catalonia Cup. Carmona noted that the player has experience with these types of injures, and that it’s prudent “to not run any risks.”

Liga: Friday 14, at 21.15

The LNFS schedule has been confirmed. Marc Carmona’s men will make their debut in the Liga on Friday, September 14, at 21.15 against Triman Navarra. The match will be played at the Palau Blaugrana.

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