PHOTO: Inter Movistar

Barça Alusport defeated Inter Movistar by 2 to 3 at the Pabellón Caja Madrid, where Marc Carmona’s men claimed the Copa de España last month. Lozano struck twice to give Barça the lead, his second coming after Pola was ejected from the match. After the break, Inter netted twice, but Barça broke the deadlock thanks to an own goal scored by Rivillos.


Inter Movistar, 2
FCB Alusport, 3

Inter Movistar: Luis Amado, Rafael, Batería, Tobe and Pola –starting five-; Ortiz, Gadeia, Álvaro, Rivillos, Oitomeia and Borruto.

FCB Alusport: Paco Sedano , Torras, Gabriel, Lin and Wilde –starting five-; Fernandão, Lozano, Igor, Saad and Tolrà

Goals: 0-1 Lozano, min 6; 0-2 Lozano, min 16; 1-2 Oitomeia, min 24; 2-2 Rivillos, min 34; and 2-3 Rivillos (gpp), min 35.

Referees: Cordero Gallardo and Linares López


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