Barça Alusport started its defence of the UEFA Futsal Cup off brilliantly. Marc Carmona’s men dominated their opening Elite Round match, against MNK Split, from beginning to end and secured their first victory of the season in the European competition.

Goals galore

The Slovenian city of Lasko, which is hosting the Group A matches of the UEFA Futsal Cup, was witness to the largest victory for Barça Alusport since the team's debut in the European competition last season. From the start the Blaugrana were very comfortable on the Sports Hall Tri Lilje court. The first goal was scored after only 4 minutes thanks to a superb strike from Torras. The flood gates were open and it was open season on Split’s goal. Igor netted three times before the break (min 6, 7 and 19), and Lozano scored Barça Alusport’s third. The other Barça goal-scorers in the opening 20 minutes were Ari Santos (min 9), Torras, for the second time (min 9), Eric Martel scored two (13 and 14), followed by Saad (15) and Aicardo (19).

It’s also worth noting that Wilde, who was sidelined for four weeks due to injury, has completely recovered and was able to feature against MNK Split.

Same intensity in the second half

Marc Carmona’s men started off the second half in the same fashion as the first. After only three minutes Fernandao, one of the few Barça Alusport players who hadn’t scored, found the back of the net (12-0). On the 26th minute, Igor scored his fourth goal, after a good play with Aicardo. Wilde wanted to join his teammates on the scoresheet, and on the 28th minute he did. Barça Alusport led by 14 to 0 and the Blaugrana weren’t done, but they also didn’t want to concede. Ari Santos chased down a counter led by Osibov, and seconds later the Brazilian sent the ball to the woodwork. Barça Alusport’s 15th goal was scored by Sergio Lozano, after a good assist from Igor. Aicardo and Lozano, who already had a hat-trick, scored two more. Lin, the only Blaugrana on the court who hadn’t scored for Barça Alusport, scored the definitive 18-0 which allowed his team to equal the all-time goalscoring record of the UEFA Futsal Cup in its current format.

Barça Alusport couldn’t have started off their UEFA Futsal Cup defence off in better fashion, their next rival will be Araz Naxçivan on Thursday (18.00).


FCB Alusport, 18
MNK Split, 0

FCB Alusport: Paco Sedano, Fernandao, Lin, Ari Santos, Jordi Torras –starting five-, Igor, Sergio Lozano, Aicardo, Wilde, Saad.

MNK Split: Bilandzic, Andrijasevic, Botic, Laura, Obisov –starting five-,

Goals: 1-0, Torras, min 4; 2-0, Igor, min 6; 3-0, Lozano, min 6; 4-0, Igor, min 7; 5-0, Ari Santos, min 9; 6-0, Torras, min 9; 7-0, Martel, min 13; 8-0, Martel, min 14; 9-0, Saad, min 15; 10-0, Aicardo, min 19; 11-0, Igor, min 19; 12-0, Fernandao, min 23; 13-0, Igor, min 26; 14-0, Wilde, min 28; 15-0 Lozano, min 33; 16-0, Aicardo, min 35; 17-0, Lozano, min 37, and 18-0, Lin, min 37.

Referee: Epaminondas Stamoulis and Josip Barton.

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