Lozano, amb Jordi Torras, en el segon partit davant el Caja Segovia / FOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

5,103 spectators filled the Palau to watch Barça Alusport beat Caja Segovia on Friday evening in the second match of the league semi-finals and so tie the series. The third and deciding match will be played at 5 pm on Sunday in the Palau Blaugrana.

Despite a strong start from Barça, Caja Segovia goalkeeper Herrero stopped everything the home side could throw at him. Marc Carmona’s players controlled the game from the beginning but a stroke of luck saw Caja Segovia take the lead through Antoñito.

Against the run of play, Jorge almost doubled the visitor’s lead in the 11th minutes, but Barça’s persistence paid off with an equaliser from Aicardo after 13 minutes. Just a minute later, a great goal from Lin made it 2-1.

Caja Segovia came close to an equaliser when Paco Sedano saved well from Sergio. Palomeque finally brought the visitors level from a corner.

Wilde put Barça back in front before the break to make it 3-2 (17 min.). Lozano provided the assist.

Lozano reaches 100 goals

The second half belonged to Sergio Lozano, who scored a fabulous effort to put Barça 4-2 ahead after just three minutes – his 100th goal of his Barça career. Five minutes later he got a second. The match was effectively over as team captain Torras and Igor added two more to seal a 7-2 win,


FCB Alusport, 7
Caja Segovia, 2

FCB Alusport: Sedano, Torras, Ari Santos, Igor i Lin –cinc inicial- Wilde, Aicardo, Gabriel, Saad, Lozano, Fernandao, Martel, Tolrà.

Caja Segovia: Herrero, Del Moral, Palomeque, José Carlos i Antoñito –cinc inicial- Fabián, Borja, David, Jorge, Víctor, Gonzalo, Edu, Sergio.

Goals: 0-1, Antoñito (5’); 1-1, Aicardo (13’); 2-1, Lin (14’); 2-2; Palomeque (15’); 3-2, Wilde (17’); 4-2, Lozano (23’); 5-2, Lozano (28’); 6-2, Torras (29’); 7-2, Igor (37’)

Referees: Díaz Rodríguez i García Hernández

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