Barça Alusport defeated Inter Movistar this Tuesday by 5 to 0 in the away leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final. Marc Carmona’s men, who played an excellent match, scored at the beginning of each half and secured a fantastic result ahead of the away leg in Madrid (April 9 or 10)

Magical Lin

The Segovia-born player led the Blaugrana in the first half. His vision of the court, his passes and his one-on-one skills were absolutely superb. The first goal was scored within the first minute of the game, and minutes later it was already 2-0, thanks to a great shot from Lozano.

Psychological blow

At the start of the second half, Barça Alusport picked up where it left off: an early goal within the first minute of the half to make it 3-0. Torras' deflected shot found its way into the back of the net. It was 4-0 after only 21 minutes.

Carmona’s men continued to create goal-scoring chances, but they were also not willing to concede any goals. Inter opened up in the final minutes of the match in a fruitless search for an away goal, but the tactic only allowed Barça to net another. Wilde nabbed the ball and led a lightning quick counter, the ball found its way to Lozano, who was quick to make it 5-0.


FCB Alusport, 5
Inter Movistar, 0

FC Barcelona Alusport: Cristian, Torras, Lin, Lozano iand Wilde; Fernandao, Saad, Gabriel, Igor, Tolrà.

Inter Movistar: Luis Amado, Tobe, Rafael, Bateria and Oitomeia; Gadeia, Ortíz, Álvaro, Pola, Rivillos.

Goals: 1-0 Lin (1’), 2-0 Lozano (4’), 3-0 Torras (18’), 4-0 Rivillos (p.p,21’), 5-0 Lozano (38’)

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