Jordi Torras / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

It’s been ten years since a team clinched two consecutive Final Four berths. On that occasion Javi Rodríguez’ Palays de Castellón claimed back-to-back titles. Now, FC Barcelona Alusport has the opportunity to equal the mark set by that legendary team. In addition to Barça Alusport, Dynamo Moscow is the other team to secure two consecutive Final Four berths.

Perfect run in the Elite Round

Last year the venue for the Elite Round was the Palau Blaugrana, this year it was in the Slovenian city of Lasko, which is about an hour drive from the capital, Ljubljana. The Azulgranas went on to win all of their matches against Azerbaijan's Araz, FC Litija - host team, and MNK Split.

The first match was won by 18-0 against the Croat outfit, Split. The eye-opening result saw Barça equal the all-time record for goals scored in a game in the competition’s current format, which dates back to 2001. The second match was against Araz. The Blaugrana breezed past the Azerbaijan team thanks to a 7 to 1 scoreline. Finally, Carmona’s men beat the host team by 3-0 in a rough and tumble match. Barça Alusport scored 28 goals and they only conceded one.

Igor, Lozano, Aicardo and Torras, highest goal scorers  

Two of the reasons Barça has been able to maintain the form it had last season is due to Igor’s amazing performances and Sergio Lozano’s accuracy in front of goal.

Igor closed out the Elite Round with five goals, four of them coming in the first game. Lozano, the highest goal scorer of the tournament, closed out his Elite Round with six goals. The player is showing devastating accuracy in front of goal, which will undoubtably help him as the World Cup in Thailand looms in the not too distant future.

Aicardo finished his UEFA Futsal Cup Elite Round with four goals and Torras made his debut as FC Barcelona Alusport’s captain in the continental tournament. In addition, the captain was decisive in the team’s last Elite Round match as he scored the opener against the Slovenian side, FC Litija.

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