Barça Alusport vs Encamp / PHOTO: Comú d'Encamp

Barça Alusport vs Encamp / PHOTO: Comú d'Encamp

The second pre-season friendly of the summer ended with a scandalous result. The home team, FC Encamp, showed sings of life in the first minutes of the match and they even scored a goal in the first half thanks to Joni (min 18), but in the second half all hope of winning quickly disappeared.

Barça Alusport steamrolled their opposition and the Azulgrana youngsters showed Marc Carmona that they too can be part of this championship winning side. The Azulgranas went on to win by a devastating margin, but the victory could have been greater if it hadn’t been for the woodwork and the fantastic performances put in by the local goal keepers.

Minutes for everyone

Carmona decided to give each and every one of his players a couple of minutes on the court, including the four reservists named to the team for today’s match. The Brazilian Igor, who was the highest goal scorer of the match with four, was undoubtedly the man of the match. The keepers Chema Mella and Paco Sedano played the first and second halves, respectively.

The goalscorers

0-1, Igor, min 1.
0-2, Saad, min 3.
0-3, Ari, min 9.
0-4, Serrano, min 13.
0-5, Igor, min 17.
1-5, Joni, min 18.
1-6, Wilde, min 21.
1-7, Lozano, min 24.
1-8, Igor, min 25.
1-9, Saad, min 31.
1-10, Igor, min 32.
1-11, Martel, min 33.
1-12, Javi Alonso, min 34.
1-13, Tolrà, min 37.
1-14, Tolrà, min 38.
1-15, Serrano, min 38.
1-16, Lozano, min 39.

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