El Barça Alusport / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Segovia 2011, Logroño 2012 and this Sunday, in Alcalá de Henares, February 4, 2013. These are the three locations where Barça Alusport were crowned Spanish Cup champions. The men managed by Marc Carmona won the tournament after they defeated ElPozo Murcia. ElPozo took the lead thanks to a strike from Bebe, but the Blaugrana turned the game around thanks to a hat trick from Jordi Torras and a fantastic strike from Fernandao.


FCB Alusport, 4
ElPozo Murcia, 2

FCB Alusport: Sedano, Torras, Saad, Lin i Fernandao -starting five- Lozano, Wilde, Gabriel, Aicardo

ElPozo Murcia: Rafa, Kike, Bebe, Adri i Franklin -starting five- José Ruiz, Miguelin, Gréilo, Álex.

Goals: 0-1, Bebe (9'); 1-1, Torras (16'); 2-1, Torras (19'); 3-1, Fernandao (25'); 4-1, Torras (31'); 4-2, Álex (35')

Referees: Gutiérrez Lumbreras and Lope Díaz.

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