Jordi Torras / PHOTO: Archive FCB

It took FC Barcelona Alusport less than a minute to open up the scoring against their opponents this evening. A goal from Torras in the first seconds of the game and another from Wilde, after two minutes, marked the the rest of the match between the Catalans and Galicians. Marc Carmona’s men wracked up their 14th win in the league, thus allowing them to remain on the top of the table. The Blaugrana are one point ahead of ElPozo Muricia and three ahead of Inter Movistar.


CD Burela FS Pescados Rubén, 2
FC Barcelona Alusport, 7

CD Burela FS Pescados Rubén (0+2): Edu, Mimi, Iago Míguez, Juanma, Matamoros (starting five) Hugo, Cesinhe, Isi, Christian

FC Barcelona Alusport (5+2): Cristian, Aicardo, Torras, Lin, Wilde (starting five) Fernandao, Gabriel, Sergio Lozano, Saad, Eric Martel, Tolrà

Goals: 0-1, Torras (min 1); 0-2, Wilde (min 2); 0-3, Fernandao (min 13); 0-4, Eric Martel (min 14); 0-5, Sergio Lozano (min 18); 1-5, Iago Míguez (min 23); 1-6, Torras (min 26); 2-6, Matamoros (min 29); 2-7, Gabriel (min 33)

Referees: Del Pozo García and López Jiménez

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