Barça Alusport have qualified for the semi finals of the Copa del Rey. The men led by Marc Carmona defeated Carnicer Torrejón in a one-off playoff match by 1-3. The Catalans, who started very strong, came close to scoring the opener after only two seconds when Fernandao sent the ball to the post. Two minutes later Barça scored its first. It took the Blaugrana 10 minutes more to score two more goals. The second half saw the Madrid-based team pull one back, but Barça’s advantage was too much for the home side.


Carnicer Torrejón, 1
Barça Alusport, 3

Carnicer Torrejón: Mendiola, Juanlu, Kita, Kiki, Kike.–starting five-; Chino, Caio, Zamo, Rober.

Barça Alusport: Paco Sedano, Ari, Aicardo, Saad i Fernandao –starting five-; Lozano, Gabriel, Lin, Eric Martel.

Goals: 0-1 Aicardo (2’), 0-2 Torras (5’), 0-3 Ari Santos (11’), 1-3 Caio (18’)

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