Barça Alusport starts the league season against Triman Navarra at the Palau Blaugrana. That will be on the weekend of September 15, as determined at the draw for the 2012/13 season held at the General Assembly of the LNFS. Marc Carmona’s team goes on the road for game two, to Santiago, and the regular phase ends with a trip to Tudela, home of Ríos Renovables Ribera Navarra.

Heavyweights at the Palau

Barça will be at the Palau Blaugrana for the first games against their biggest potential rivals. Inter comes for game 7 (December 1/2) and ElPozo Múrcia for game 9 (December 15/16). The games in Alcalá de Henares and Murcia will be on March 16/17 and April 6/7 respectively.

There will be a break between games 5 and 6 for the World Cup, meaning there will be no league action for six weeks (from October 13 to November 24).

There will only be 14 teams in the league this season and the bottom club, rather than being relegated directly, will play off for survival.

First match day

RR Ribera-Santiago
Umacón-Marfil Santa Coloma
Barça Alusport-Triman Navarra
ElPozo Múrcia- Segovia
Gáldar-Azkar Lugo

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