Aicardo celebra el seu primer gol oficial vestit de blaugrana / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

After the victory last Friday against Umacon Zaragoza (4-0), the club has won three more points Alusport the LNFS and already has 10 of 12 possible, the same ElPozo Murcia. Carmona those imposed on the CD clearly Burela, set just promoted to the top flight and will continue at the top of the standings. In this Wednesday was the game in the fifth round of the LNFS, a game that has advanced to the players compete next week at the Elite Round of the UEFA Futsal Cup.


FC Barcelona Alusport, 8
CD Burela FS, 0

Barça Alusport (2+6):Cristian, Saad, Ari, Lin, Fernandao (3) –cinc inicial- Torras, Lozano (1), Aicardo (1), Igor (1), Gabriel, Martel (1)

Burela FS: Barro, Mimi, Pedraza, Iago, Enrique –cinc inicial- Dani Martín, Hugo (1,pp), Christian, Antón, André, Fabio, Erik.

Goals: 1-0, Aicardo (min 8); 2-0, Igor (min 9); 3-0, Fernandao (min 24); 4-0, Lozano (min 29); 5-0, Martel (min 30); 6-0, Hugo, pp (min 37); 7-0, Fernandao (min 38); 8-0, Fernandao (min 39).

Referee: Sanzol Goñi i Urdanoz Apezteguia.

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