Barça Alusport took the lead in the final series for the league title. This Wednesday, in the first match of the series against ElPozo Murcia, the Blaugrana won thanks to a goal from Torras in the second half and a phenomenal penalty save from Sedano with only 44 seconds left on the clock. The series will head to Murcia for games two and three. Thanks to tonight’s victory at the Palau, only one team has the possibility to claim the title this weekend, and that’s Barça Alusport.


Barça Alusport, 1
ElPozo Murcia, 0

Barça Alusport (0+1): Sedano, Ari, Gabriel, Lin, Wilde (starting five), Aicardo, Torras, Lozano, Igor, Saad

ElPozo Múrcia (0+0): Rafa, Bebe, Kike, Miguelín, Álex (starting five), Ruiz, Suazo, Gréllo, Paulinho

Goals: 1-0, Torras (min 26)

Referees: Gutiérrez Lumbreras and Lope Díaz