After three defeats from their last four matches in the league, Barça Alusport returned to their winning ways this Friday, against Azkar Lugo, in their last match before the Spanish Cup which is set for this Thursday. Three goals from Wilde, and another four from Lozano, Fernandao, Lio and Torras secured the points for the Blaugrana, who were missing Igor and Aicardo. Barça Alusport sit atop the standings for one more week thanks to this afternoon’s victory.


Barça Alusport, 7
Azkar Lugo, 0

Barça Alusport (3+4): Sedano, Ari, Torras, Wilde, Gabriel (starting five), Fernandao, Lozano, Lin, Saad, Martel, Tolrà

Azkar Lugo (0+0): Illi, Rodriguez, Nuñez, Cuco, Jandri (starting five), Jhony, Juanpe, Antonio, Álex, César, Adrián

Goals: 1-0, Wilde (min 10); 2-0, Lozano (min 15); 3-0, Wilde (min 18); 4-0, Wilde (min 27); 5-0, Fernandao (min 30); 6-0, Lin (min 32), 7-0, Torras (min 38)

Referees: Sanzol and Urdañoz