Saad Assis and Ari Santos / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

FC Barcelona Alusport finally arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia, and were greeted by frosty temperatures of 10 degrees and overcast skies. The players and the coaching staff, who were exhausted due to the 10-hour journey from Barcelona, went directly to the team hotel upon arrival to the Georgian capital.

Despite being exhausted the Barça Alupsort players are in high spirits as the chance to win yet more silverware and make history trumps these types of minor setbacks.

Training session at 19.00 through 20.00 (2 hours ahead of Barcelona time)

The players, after enjoying a much needed nap, made their way to the Arena Sports for a light training session in preparation for this Friday’s crucial match.

Marc Carmona named 15 players to the team, 12 of which are first-team players - including the injured Santos - and 3 from the reserve team - Eric Martel, Marc Tolrà and the keeper Chema Mella.

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