Spanish Cup (Photo: Ruben de Pedro)

FC Barcelona Alusport and Inter Movistar will have played against each other four times over the course of a month. The Madrid-based giants - they have the deepest bench in the Liga- know, however, what it is to lose to Marc Carmona’s team. They were defeated in the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup in Logroño by 4-1 on March 10th. Now, three Barça-Inter Movistar matches loom: two King’s Cup matches and a Liga match. Two of them will be played at the Palau and the other in Madrid.

Spanish Super Cup

The balance between Azulgranas and the all greens this season is one victory apiece. In September, the Madrid side started off the season with a win over Barça Alusport in the final of the Spanish Super Cup in Torrejón (3-4). It was the first showdown of the season between the two sides. Thus, Inter Movistar, led by Mati, claimed the first official title of the season.

Match dates

21/3/2012 FCB – Inter (King's Cup, 20.:30)

24/3/2012 FCB – Inter (LNFS, 13:00)

03/4/2012 Inter – FCB (King's Cup, kickoff time TBA)

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