Barça Alusport against Inter Movistar at the Palau Blaugrana /PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

This Tuesday’s match will be the sixth duel between Inter Movistar and Barça Alusport this season. The high-profile match also has a specific reward: passage to the final of the King’s Cup. Barça come into the match with 3-1 advantage from the away leg. The team must put in one last physical and mental effort to obtain a spot, which would be their second consecutive berth, in the King’s Cup final.

Defending the result

Barça Alusport, as they wait to know who they will play in the UEFA Final Four Futsal Cup, come into the competition after beating Triman Navarra by 1-3 in the last Liga match. The Azulgranas want to get to the final but they know it won’t be easy: “When you play so many games against the same team, the play is very equal,” said Paco Sedano.

Barça will have to defend their crown, seeing that Marc Carmona’s men are the reigning champions of the competition. There’s no lack of desire to be repeat winners. “We have the same drive to win it that they do. I hope things work out for us and that we put in a good game, because it’s going to be a beautiful and difficult match,” said the Barça keeper. To get to the final, Barça Alusport have the most prolific goal scorer of the competitions: Fernandao, who has three goals. Cristian will miss the match due to an injury to his right ankle, as will Gabriel, who will not be able to play against his ex-team.

“They have to try an win the match”

Inter Movistar came in second in last year’s edition of the King’s Cup, they lost to Barça. The team led by Chema Jiménez will have to fight back if they want to get to their second consecutive final. The advantage that the Madrid-based team have is that they are playing at home. “The tie changed because they have home-court advantage,” said Sedano.

Inter Movistar have Matamoros, Matías and Tobe, the team’s most adept strikers who have three goals between them in the competition, and Ortiz has been declared match fit. The Barça keeper said that he knows what Inter will try to do: “We have to defend the result, they have to look to win the match.”

Sixth match of the season

The teams have played against each other six times this season: in the Spanish Super Cup (3-4), in the first leg of the Liga in Alcalá de Henares (1-1), the Spanish Cup (4-1), in the away leg of the King’s Cup (3-1) and the second Liga match at the Palau (3-6). In total, Barça have won twice, drawn once and lost twice.

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