Barça Alusport, champions of the UEFA Futsal Cup / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Barça Alusport made history this Sunday after claiming the UEFA Futsal Cup for the frist time in Club history. But to get to this point this Barça squad have had to take a long a arduous journey. On May 26th, six years ago, Barça’s futsal team was promoted the the División de Honor thanks Marc Carmona’s management. At the time, no one could have possibly thought that the team would win five titles in two years. But the truth is, from that point on, the Barça squad didn’t stop growing.

The Spanish Cup, the first big title

The following season, Marc Carmona brilliantly managed a team that fought for all the titles in contention. His recompense came in February of 2011, when Barça Alusport won its first Spanish Cup after beating ElPozo Murcia in a heart-stopping final by 3 to 2. It was just a small sign of what was to come.

King’s Cup and Liga

In the 2010-11 season, Barça Alusport won the treble. Besides the Spanish Cup, Marc Carmona’s men also conquered their first King’s Cup thanks to a heroic comeback against Inter Movistar. The last jewel in the treble crown was the Liga title. The Azulgranas made it to the play-offs as the top seed in the competition. Barça managed to beat Caja Segovia in the fifth match of the final play-off at an at-capacity Palau Blaugrana.

New season, new titles

Barça Alusport had the chance to take their fourth title, the Spanish Super Cup, at the start of the present season, however Carmona’s men lost to Inter Movistar by 3 to 4. This season, Barça have won three out of the four titles they’ve contested. In March, the Azulgranas successfully defended their Spanish Cup crown against Lobelle. And the latest title won by Carmona’s men was the UEFA Futsal Cup, the most prestigious trophy in European futsal. Barça Alusport have also qualified for the final of this season’s King’s Cup which will be played on May 15th against ElPozo Murcia in Antequera. Therefore, the team have the chance to repeat last year’s treble-winning feat. It’s hard to remember that this Barça squad was promoted to top flight just two years ago after the unprecedented success that Carmona and his men have brought to the Club. Five titles won, two more on the line.

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