FCB Alusport-Eindhoven. UEFA Futsal Cup. PHOTO: Àlex Caparrós- FCB.

This Tuesday the Camp Nou will host the draw for the Final Four UEFA Fustal Cup. The draw will take place on the pitch of the stadium and the Camp Nou’s video screens will broadcast the results live during halftime of the FC Barcelona-AC Milan match.

The quarterfinal match of the Champions League and the Camp Nou provide the best setting for coverage of the UEFA Fustal Cup which will be played at Lleida’s Barris Nord Pabellón from April 27th through the 29th.

Villa and Mihailov, the men to conduct the draw

David Villa and the ex-keeper of the Bulgarian national side Borislav Mihailov -member of the UEFA Executive Committee and the man responsible for Futsal - will, along with Laurent Morel - chief officer of UEFA - will conduct the draw. The mayor of Lleida, host city of the Final Four, Angel Ros, will also be on the Camp Nou’s pitch. All of whom will also watch the Champions League match between FC Barcelona and AC Milan.

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