Sporting Clube after sealing qualification to the Final Four / PHOTO: www.sporting.pt

Sporting Clube is one of Portugal’s historic clubs. The football team was founded in 1906, the futsal team was born in 1989. Since then they’ve won 10 League titles, 3 Cups and 4 Super Cups, they also qualified for the UEFA Futsal Cup last season but they lost to Montesilvano. They are currently sitting in the second position of the Portuguese League, five points adrift of the leaders, Benfica. “Along with Dynamo and Barça, I think we are the three strongest teams left in the competition. Anything can happen in one game,” said Javi Rodríguez.

The Portuguese side hosted the Elite round of the UEFA Futsal Cup. They beat Romania’s Targu Mures 5-3, Hungary’s Gyor Eto  3-1, and drew Georgia’s Iberia Star 5-5.

Benedito, Leitão and Deo, the leaders

Led by manager Orlando Duarte, ex-manager of the Portugal national side, the team’s biggest stars are keeper and captain João Benedito; Leitão, ex-Lobelle player; Deo, highest goalscorer for the team; Alex and Pedro Cary. A very powerful starting five. However, Sporting Clube don’t have a very deep bench. For Marc Carmona, manager of Barça Alusport, “they are a good team, with players that have played in the LNFS. In this Final Four all four of the strongest leagues are represented.”

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