After beating Inter Movistar at the Palau Blaugrana (7-4), FC Barcelona Alusport qualified for the second year in a row for the LNFS final. A year ago, Barça came out on top in the final after a five-match series against Caja Segovia, while this season the Catalans still await a rival in the championship series. The winner of the ElPozo Murcia and Caja Segovia semifinal will battle it out with Barça for the trophy.

The team led by Marc Carmona a year ago managed to get to the final by beating Triman Navarra in the quarterfinals and Lobelle Santiago in the semifinals. This year, the Azulgrana beat Carnicer Torrejón in the quarterfinals and Inter Movistar in the semifinals.

Ninth consecutive final

Barça Alusport’s incredible run hasn’t only been in the Liga, the team have dominated in nearly every competition they’ve played in. Carmona’s men have qualified for nine straight finals, seven of which were won by Barça Alusport. Here’s a list of the the championship games Barça have played in:

Final Copa Catalunya 2010/11. VICTORY over Marfil Santa Coloma (2-1)

Final Spanish Cup 2010/11. VICTORY over ElPozo Múrcia (3-2)

Final Copa del Rey 2010/11. VICTORY over Inter Movistar (3-4)

Final LNFS 2010/11. VICTORY in five matches over Caja Segovia

Final Spanish Super Cup 2011/12. DEFEAT to Inter Movistar (3-4)

Final Spanish Cup 2011/12. VICTORY over el Lobelle Santiago (5-3)

Final UEFA Futsal Cup 2011/12. VICTORY over Dynamo Moscow (1-3)

Final Copa del Rey 2011/12. VICTORY over ElPozo Múrcia (6-3)

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