Marc Carmona with the Liga trophy / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

“We’re in a sweet moment but it’s very difficult to win what we have won.” Marc Carmona is a happy man. The Barça Alusport manager is reaping the fruits of the labour put in these last two seasons. The FC Barcelona futsal team have closed out the season with a historic silverware haul - Liga, UEFA Futsal Cup, Copa del Rey and Spanish Cup - and Carmona wants the world to know the value of this achievement. “We all have to learn from this moment,” he said.

Furthermore, the manager reminded the press that with this Liga title, FC Barcelona -counting all of its professional teams; football, basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey- has finished the season with a record-breaking 17 titles.

On the match, Carmona said that “it was very important how we reacted after the defeat on Saturday.” He added that the key to tonight’s match was that the Azulgrana’s never let ElPozo run away with the scoreline.

Here are the statements made by the Barça Alusport players after the match:

Javi Rodríguez:

“I have conflicting feelings. On one hand I am very pleased with the title but I’m also very sad because it was my last match with Barça.”

“We played a very serious match, either team, however, could have won.”

“I hope that Barça continues along the same path. These players will keep on giving everything they have.”


“It was a very difficult match and even more so because we were playing on their court. But we always had control of the game.”

“We’re used to playing on courts like this one.”

“Javi Rodríguez is a warrior. He’s one of the best athletes and in the end he proved it.”

“In the fourth and fifth match we demonstrated that we’re the better side. We won the game and history is on our side.”


“I did everything I could to help the team. Now it’s time to celebrate the title.”

“We all wanted to win but Javi Rodríguez deserves this kind of sendoff for what he’s done for futsal.”

Jordi Torras:

“You can’t imagine the effort the team put in during this final series.”

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