Javi Rodríguez this Saturday / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The Ricard Maxenchs press room held a press conference that was “sad and, at the same time, happy” according to the man behind the microphone. Javi Rodríguez, a worldwide futsall leader and legend, announced that “this Sunday will be my last game at the Palau in the Barça Alusport shirt. I’ll have the chance to say goodbye to the fans.” It will be, without a doubt, a compelling reason to fill the Palau Blaugrana for the third LNFS Final playoff match (18:30).

The Barça Alusport captain, surrounded by his family, friends and colleagues from the Club, like Beto Borregán, wanted to show his gratitude to the people that helped him complete a unique and distinguished career: “I want to say thank you to a lot of people and especially my family.” He added: “I gave it my all as a FC Barcelona player. I arrived here six seasons ago, it was a semiprofessional, team and I’m leaving as a European champions. I’m leaving the team in a very deserved place, at the top.” He also said that his time at Barça has been different to the experience he’s had in other teams: “playing for Barça is the best thing that could have happened to me. It’s another dimension. To be a player here is a unique experience.”

First the Liga...

A born winner like Rodríguez doesn’t lose focus on a title like the Liga, and this Saturday was no exception: “I urge my teammates to win on Sunday, and to win in Murcia so we can win the Liga. I’m leaving, but they have the potential to keep on winning.”

...then, his future

Javier Bordas, director responsible for the futsal team, said that “Barça have offered Javi Rodríguez a position in the Club working with futsal team. We hope that he accepts it.” The Barça captain is currently focused on finishing the season and has decided to postpone his decision: “once the Liga is over, I’ll sit down with my wife and we’ll decide what to do.”

In any event, Rodríguez said that this “is a dignified farewell, and I’ll always be here. It’s not a goodbye. It’s a ‘I’ll see you soon.’”

“All the objectives have been met”

Javier Bordas confirmed that with Javi Rodríguez as a Barça Alusport player “that all of the objectives have been met since he arrived in 2006. He’s won everything at the club level and with the Spanish national team.” Bordas excused the absence of President Sandro Rosell, who is currently participating in the 50-year anniversary of PB Segorbe, and added that “if the player confirms that he’s retiring, the Board will evaluate the possibility of retiring Javi Rodríguez’ number.”

Bordas also gave Rodríguez an award from the Club, and the player’s teammates gave him a jersey signed by the whole team.

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