Lozano and Wilde celebrate the first goal / PHOTO: RUBEN DE PEDRO - LNFS

Barça Alusport won the first match of the LNSF semifinal series. Marc Carmona’s men, champions of the UEFA Futsal Cup, the Spanish Cup and the Copa del Rey, took a valuable lead in the series after beating Inter Movistar, champions of the Spanish Super Cup, away from the Palau. The match, the seventh of the season between the two sides, ended with another Azulgrana victory, the fifth of the season over Inter.

The Pabellón Caja Madrid de Alcalá de Henares was packet this Saturday as the all-greens and the Azulgrana came out onto the court. The first minutes of the match highlighted the respect both sides have for each other, with very few goal scoring chances created. In the first seven minutes there were only two shots on goal for each team. On the eighth, while Barça were transitioning into their offence, a possible foul that the refs didn’t call, ended with Eka’s goal, who netted his left-footed shot at the far post. Inter had taken the lead. Seconds later, Fernandao had the chance to level but the give and go with Gabriel went out of bounds.

Barça Alusport turn the game around

In the dying minutes of the first half the game turned into a display of offensive futsal with goal scoring chances at either end. A ball recuperation from Wilde allowed Sergio Lozano ‘the buffalo’ to beat Juanjo with a powerful shot. A bit after Barça had equalised, Lozano had to leave the court with ankle problems. Before the end of the half, Fernandao’s shot hit the post and Wilde, with 20 seconds left, scored the go-ahead goal with a long-range shot.

Maxium tension at the start of the second half

The second half seemed to be eternal. Daniel Ibañes’ men came out determined to level and they dominated ball possession. The referees booked Wilde, Rafael, Matías, Torras and Javi Rodríguez. The captain’s yellow card was given for protesting Rafeal’s card, that play ended with a little scuffle which left Fernandao on the ground. Lin was close to scoring the 1-3 and Sedano denied Inter’s attempts with fantastic saves. The good piece of news was that Lozano was back on the court.

Flurry of goals

With seven minutes to go before the end of the game, Inter sent out a keeper-player. The risk reaped its rewards. Batería, the surprise player of the LNFS, scored a fantastic goal with his left foot. Despite the goal, Barça Alusport continued with their game plan and the Azulgranas took advantage of a defensive error from Betao to make it 2-3. The most side kept on playing with a keeper-player and Eka quickly made it 3-3. The Azulgranas created great goal scoring chances but the ball simply wouldn’t go in.

Wilde kills the game off in overtime

“It’s important to not concede an easy goal,” said Carmona to his players at the start of the overtime period. Just as the ref signaled for the start of extra time, Lozano nailed the go-ahead goal after a set piece play. The all-green reaction was immediate. A penalty from Sedano was converted by Eka (4-4). However, the most exciting part of the match was still yet to come. Wilde took advantage of a rebound inside the Inter area to give his team the lead. It was the decisive goal after two hours of play.

The second match of the exciting semifinal playoff will be this Thursday at 20:30 at the Palau Blaugrana. A victory for Carmona’s men would seal a final berth.


Inter Movistar, 4
FCB Alusport, 5

Inter Movistar: Juanjo, Tobe, Matías, Batería, Eka –starting five- Rafael, Ortiz, Álvaro, Genário, Matamoros, Betao.

FCB Alusport: Paco Sedano, Gabriel, Lin, Saad, Wilde –starting five- Torras, Ari, Sergio Lozano, Igor, Fernandao.

Goals: 1-0, Eka, min 8; 1-1, Sergio Lozano, min 13; 1-2, Wilde, min. 20); 2-2, Batería, min 34); 2-3, Wilde, min 35; 3-3, Eka, min 37; 3-4, Fernandao, min 42; 4-4, Eka, min 44, and 4-5, Wilde, min 45.

Referees: Martínez Segovia and Sánchez Molina.

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