Javi Rodríguez and Fernandao with the Liga trophy / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The Azulgrana futsal team closed out the best season in the history of the Club after Barça Alusport beat ElPozo and claimed the Liga title this evening. This year Barça won four of the five titles that the team contested. This season Marc Carmona’s men have written their names in eternal ink in the Club history books.

Once again the victim was ElPozo Murcia. This time it was a best-of-five series and the Southerners simply couldn’t cope with the Azulgranas, who won their second consecutive Liga title. Barça won the title over the team that have the second-most titles in the LNFS (5).

Lobelle, the first victim

This season’s amazing run started on March 11, when the Azulgranas claimed their first title. It was the Spanish Cup. Barça played the final in Logroño against Lobelle Santiago and won by 5-3 . Before beating the Northerns in the final, Marc Carmona’s men saw off Inter Movistar in the semifinals (4-1), and Caja Segovia in the quarterfinals (0-3). This was Barça’s second consecutive Spanish Cup.

In the heavens of Europe

On April 29 of this year, the first time in Club history, Barça Alusport stretched its dominance over the continent. The Azulgrana hegemony became a reality at the Pabellón Barris Nord in Lleida, where Barça played in the semifinals of the UEFA Futsal Cup. Carmona’s men left Sporting Clube in the dust with a 5-1 drubbing and in the following match, the final, Barça claimed the title by beating Dynamo Moscow by 3-1.

First blow to ElPozo

Barça Alusport’s rival in the final of the LNFS, ElPozo Murcia, tasted defeat as well in the Copa del Rey final. Barça won the match by 6 to 3 in the title game. This as well was Barça second consecutive Copa del Rey title. In the semifinal, Barça had beaten Inter Movistar in the semifinals.

Only the Spanish Super Cup slips away

Barça Alusport have only lost one of the five titles in play this year. It was the Spanish Super Cup, the tournament that marks the start of the season. Barça lost in the final in Torrejón Adroz to Inter Movistar by 3 to 4.

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