It’s the moment of truth. It’s time to evolve into a greater team, a team that have the belief that they can and will continue making history. FC Barcelona Alusport is new to the Final Four, but at the same time they are the favourites to win the whole competition on April 29th in Lleida according to the other three competing managers.

The first test will be this evening at 21:00 (Esport3, MarcaTV and Barça TV) against a very strong Sporting Clube Portugal team, who were finalists last season. The Portuguese team, moreover, have prepared for this match for three weeks.

How Barça come into the match

Carmona’s men come into the match on form and with high spirits after securing a fantastic victory over Marfil Santa Coloma (5-0) this weekend. Despite popular belief, the team, currently sitting in second spot behind ElPozo Murcia, have not given up on finishing first in the regular season; there are still four games left on the schedule. Now, however, the whole team, technical staff and team staff of FC Barcelona Alusport must focus on the Final Four.

There are three Barça players that are doubtful for tonight’s match according to Marc Carmona. Fernandao, who has muscle issues, Jordi Torras, who is recovering from a very hard knock to one of his toes and Cristian, who is fast tracking his recovery to play in the grand final Lleida. The first step, however, is to win tonight’s game in front of a packed-out crowd at the Barris Nord Arena.

The rival

Sporting Clube Portugal is a historic European futsal team. The squad coached by Orlando Duarte is the only seeded group leader to qualify for the Final Four. With six Brazilians in the squad, the green and whites, a multi-sport club like FC Barcelona, have the Portuguese Leitao as one of their most dangerous men. The technical quality of the players and the experience of players like Deo and the keeper Cristiano could prove to be key in tonight’s match.

The manager is also very experienced. He returned to Sporting in the summer of 2010, after managing the Portuguese national side for many years. He won the treble in Portugal in his return to club futsal, and, he coached his team to the UEFA Fustal Cup Final last season, however, his team lost 5-2 to the Italian side Montesilvano.

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